The London Doll

Full disclosure: my eyelashes are not my own. Years ago a friend suggested I give The London Dolls a try and I have been a loyal customer ever since. If you’ve been dithering, wondering whether they’re worth the investment… they are. Unequivocally. Go.

Our second Manifesto Woman in the #manifestowomanseries – where we celebrate women as they are – is Beth, the founder of The London Dolls studio. I loved her from the moment I met her. Energetic, anarchic, creative, passionate, brave and driven.  Utterly wild, utterly compelling. Her stories are pure entertainment, without fail making me feel like I missed out on the party of my life. And she’s not shy of a feathered, sequined catsuit.

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Beth started her business in her 20s, a time when most of us are still wondering what we’re going to do with our lives. She now has a team of people working for her, extended her offer to include a range of beauty procedures I am too scared to try – permanent make up & botox amongst them – and is about to move into a flash new premises (rebranding to THE LDN DLS) where her star will no doubt continue to ascend.

She’s absolutely ace and so worthy of being celebrated. A Manifesto Woman.

A bit more about Beth, in her own words

  • I was born in Kent but raised in London. I’ve lived here my whole life except for a stint travelling. There’s no where else I want to live – all my family live here too. I feel very lucky about that
  • How would my friends describe me? I asked them! They said: strong spirited, switched on and in full techno-colour. Brave. That I work hard at my friendships. Fun, kind and generous
  • I love what I do for a living – we make beautiful things happen, by making women feel good about themselves
  • I’m happiest rolling around in a festival field, doused in glitter and cider in hand
  • I love spontaneous nights out, the ones where you’ve settled in for an early one, you have to prize ya PJs off, you don’t plan a good outfit and think wow I didn’t see this coming as you creep into bed at 5am in the morning
  • I love women. I love our honesty, support of each other and our never ending persistence to get things done. And obviously our ability to chameleon ourselves whether that be make up/ hair/ clothes. Had a shit day? Throw on some lippie, that will make it better. Feeling frumpy? Get some lash extensions, that will make you feel fabulous. Struggling to get over a break up? Cut ya hair – it’s over when it’s off!