call of the wild

The best garden designer in south east London

Our Manifesto Woman Series is all about celebrating remarkable women, who just happen to be customers of ours – inspiring us with their work, their talent, their energy, their vision.

We have previously showcased Anna Cochran, Dann Liebermann and Beth, founder of The London Dolls. All dynamic, modern-day icons in their own unique ways.

Up next is Barbara Samitier, an extraordinarily talented garden designer whose creations are immersive, inviting and very, very beautiful. I love gardens that are a little wild and have a sense of possibility and her work delivers this in spades. I want to dive straight in.

I was lucky enough to meet Barbara at a pop up event I took part in – a busy, crowded fashion affair in North London. In a room packed to the rafters with impossibly glamorous, accomplished extroverts, she still managed to shine through – this radiant, gorgeous woman with a soul to match. I think this generous, open spirit is very evident in her work… slightly untamed, raw beauty that draws you in.

At a time where our homes and nature are more important than ever, imagine how smug you must feel having a garden that looks like this…

See more on her website here.

And you can follow her on Instagram here.