The Manifesto Woman Team

Thanks to all our wonderful customers, cheerleaders and supporters, we’re growing.

I’m still here, at the helm. I have absolutely loved getting to know all the Manifesto Woman buyers and sellers over the past two years, many of whom I now count as my friends. Every item remains personally selected by me and every order is checked by me before it gets sent out to you. This is not about me stepping back, it’s about me being able to spend even more time on the things that matter – and that’s the clothes and you.

And now a big welcome to Suzy and Sarah.

Sarah has joined us by way of Burberry and is heading up all our ‘special projects’ (more on those soon) as well as managing all the myriad of complexities going on behind the scenes from website development to stock management. She is mind-blowingly efficient, super bright and uber-stylish. The ultimate combination and I am so excited to have her on the team.

Suzy, a visual merchandiser, has been quietly working behind the scenes for a few months now. She is my right hand woman and I would be lost without her. She does all the order packing (no small task) as well as processes returns, mends & repairs and generally keeps me sane.

I’m so excited about this new chapter of my small business, even if it means navigating growth in the times of a global pandemic. Let’s see where we get to!