Manifesto Woman on a podcast

In a moment of madness last year I agreed to feature on the amazing podcast of Bethie from Hungermama: Friends With Recipes.

I cringe at the sound of my voice (and accent!), seize up at the sight of a camera and struggle to cook under pressure. So an ideal fit all round. But I’m a firm believer in throwing oneself to the wolves and seeing what happens. So here we are – available now on all podcast platforms if you fancy a listen. I’ve not been brave enough to do so yet… will steel myself this evening with a stiff drink in hand.

I used a recipe of Lizzie Loves Healthy – a constant source of delicious meal ideas if you don’t follow her already.

You can listen to the podcast here. Or here.

You can find Hungermama on her blog or on Instagram.

And you can find Lizzie Loves Healthy on her blog or Instagram.