The Gig Collection

What do I wear to a Gig? We have the answer... the best selection of clothes for gigs, festivals or anywhere a little bit hip

One of my very lovely customers emailed me to say she was going to a gig and could I help her with a few missing touches to her outfit. My first thought was one of extreme envy: I bloody love gigs and haven’t been to one in waaay too long. But at least I can play dress up right?

So I’ve put together a little edit of what I would wear to a gig if I still had the sort of life where I went to them. On the Manifesto Woman site now.

If you have any sort of event coming up with no idea what you’re going to wear, I am happy to help. Just get in touch. No request is too small or too outrageous!

Also, if you’re going to a gig and need a partner in crime, you know who to ask. I promise I won’t embarrass myself or you (too much) 😎.