Fix your shades & jewels

Best place to get your sunglasses and jewellery repaired

Most people have a local cobbler & dry cleaner, meaning easy access to clothes & shoes repairs. But what about things like sunglasses and jewellery? Once they’re broken you have to ditch them, right? In a world where it seems infinitely easier (and less expensive) to replace rather than repair, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the bin would be the best option… but you’d be wrong.

I own an incredible pair of glasses by The Row, which were stood on by a Frenchman at a pool in Greece. Utterly squashed and with an arm torn off. I loved them so much I refused to throw them away but never dreamed they were fixable. Enter Alpha Omega Glasses repair. I posted them off and within three days I had my sunglasses back: straight and with the arm back in place. An actual miracle. I can’t rave about their service or results enough. If you have sunglasses that are looking a bit mangled, these are your people.

For years I have been sending my jewellery to The Jewellery Doctor…amazing service, equally brilliant results and, crucially, they’re not snobby about brands or how much your pieces are worth. They’ve provided equally exceptional service for a beaded necklace worth nothing in £ terms but everything in sentimentality as they have for gold and diamonds.

Also worth a mention are Hoxton Shoe Repairs. They specialise in difficult repairs or when your shoes are a bit too special to entrust to your local cobbler. I love that they accept postal repairs so I don’t have to waste time dropping off and collecting. And they email you with status reports every step of the way. Amazing, friendly service worth every penny.

So go forth and wear those repaired shades, jewels and shoes with pride!