House of dreams

There is a constant tension in our household between the desire for urban living vs. the lure of the Good Life. I have lived in a city all my life… four cities in three different countries. I love them. They are full of energy, creativity and purpose. I love how liberating it is to feel inconsequential in a heaving mass of people. The talent and brilliance on permanent display is utterly inspiring. My friends, my networks, my local community – all so amazing.

But. I am also yearning for fresh air and space. My husband grew up on a farm so for him the countryside is something he knows in his bones. For me, it is big and scary and, in a way, feels a bit like I am ‘giving up’, handing the baton of city living to some new younger upstart who has more energy, more youth, more life left in them than I do. I guess it hurts because it’s true.

I have no idea where we’ll end up…city or country, but what I do know is that I am spending a lot of time scrolling through property sites. And one of the best there is, certainly for my tastes, is The Modern House.

When I opened it today, up popped the most beautiful gem of a house in Primrose Hill. Let’s for a moment forget the £21,000,000 price tag and simply marvel at the incredible S P A C E. That’s the trade-off though isn’t it… for mortals like me without that kind of money to throw around, our only hope of getting space like this is to go country. What to do, what to do?