Bertie Bowen, stylist and Manifesto Woman

You know those people who are so cool you are a little scared to meet them? That’s Bertie. But I needn’t have worried because she is the warmest, loveliest soul… and also next up in our Meet the Seller series.

Stylist, mum, slow fashion advocate, supremely generous (she donated a bounty of clothes without me even having to ask when I was raising money for charity) and general force for good.

Bertie Bowen sells her wardrobe via Manifesto Woman

She could wear a paper bag and look sensational – I have never seen her look anything short of incredible.

Bertie’s style is quirky, fearless and so wonderfully her – love people who are brave enough to dress for themselves.

So proud to have you as a Manifesto Woman Bertie.

You can follow her and her creative partner Gem (also a Manifesto Woman :-)) over at @mothershoppers