Manifesto Woman introduces Bonnie Doman

I will never not be grateful for all the wonderful women in my life. I met Bonnie through a mutual friend years back and took to her from the instant I first saw her. Warm, open, self-effacing, kind… I could go on. Bonnie was one of the very first people to openly support and advertise my business, back when I really, really didn’t know what I was doing. We all need friends like Bonnie.

She remains a constant support and, wonderfully for me, a seller in my business. Her clothes are every bit as stylish as you’d imagine. It’s with great pride that I showcase Bon in my next installment of the Meet The Seller series…

Bonnie is many things: a Creative Director, a mum, a photographer, book author, sometimes model and much else besides. She is also supremely kind, honest, raw, compassionate and an absolute blast to spend time with. It is an honour to call her a friend. You may have seen her face dotted around all my Manifesto Woman photographs, which she does for free because my business has no money and she’s generous like that (I will be able to pay you one day Bon, I promise)!

Her photography is supremely beautiful. She specialises in nudes, very much taken through the female gaze – soft, gentle and a visual love letter to the vulnerability and strength of women. I have included a few of my favourites below…

Bon, thank you for being such a brilliant human. You are very loved.

You can see more on her website here.

And you can follow Bonnie on Instagram here.