Travel tips for Marrakech

New discoveries in Marrakech

There are very few countries in the world that I repeatedly visit: South Africa (my motherland, forever holding a special place in my heart), Portugal (beaches, climate, people, food, design, landscape diversity, pace of life, I could go on) and Morocco. In fact, Marrakech in February is becoming something of an annual pilgrimage for me and my family – the energy, desert landscapes, creativity, craftsmanship, light, colours and much else besides are all magnetic lures.

Marrakech feels like a city that is going through rapid evolution – the pace of development is quite astonishing and there is always something new to discover. This past week it felt like we hit the jackpot with three new (to us) adventures. I am always on the look out for golden travel tips, so thought I’d share our recent discoveries with you. Hope you find them useful.

Quad biking in the desert

Travel tips for Morocco - quad biking

Genuinely one of the best days of my life. We hired bikes + a guide from Raid Quad Maroc, who were totally professional and went above and beyond for us (they get rave reviews on Tripadvisor). My husband and I each had a bike + one of our two children clinging to our backs. The landscape is breathtaking and diverse – fertile valleys, nomadic sheep herders, desert, villages… it is a brilliant way to see some of the country outside the city.

The White Camel

Luxury tented camp in Morocco: The White Camel

I love the sense of freedom in desert landscapes – The White Camel tented camp offers this in spades, with a side order of style and luxury. You can visit for lunch (and use their pool with spectacular views) or you can stay in one of their beautifully designed lodges or tents. We did the lunch route this time around but the manager showed us one of the tents and I was blown away… we’ll be back to stay for a few nights next time.

Beldi Country Club

The Beldi Country Club is a must visit. Incredibly pretty restaurant and grounds – treat yourself to lunch (I’d say it’s advisable to book if you can… it was quite busy when we were there) and then wander around the extraordinary gardens. If your riad/ air bnb/ hotel doesn’t have a pool, you could make a day of it – they have a pool open to non hotel guests, which you can use for a fee. Super easy to get to, too… just ten minutes or so from the airport.

Obviously there’s the usual haunts and jaunts in and around Marrakech… and much else that I’m yet to discover, I’m sure (hot air ballooning is top of my list for next year). But hopefully, if you’re planning a trip to Morocco, you’ve felt vaguely inspired by our latest adventures.