The Little Book of Repairs

Repairing. Easy in theory but bloody difficult in practice… it’s so hard to find people who mend things these days. I love it when people share their hard-won contacts, so here are a few of mine. Hope they come in handy! And if you have any of your own, please do add them. The more we mend, the less we buy and the more we save from landfill.

• If your local dry cleaner doesn’t do much more than the basics, I highly recommend Clothes Doctor – post off and in next to no time, you have everything back as good as new

• If you have sat on your sunglasses, there is no need to throw them away – just post off to AlphaOmega glasses repair … they have fixed every pair I’ve sent them, including my uber-expensive Linda Farrow ones that got stepped on by a Frenchman at a pool in Greece (still haven’t forgiven him :-))

• Broken jewellery? I can only rave about The Jewellery Doctor who have fixed everything I’ve sent them very beautifully. I love that they’re not snobby about the value of pieces… they take just as much care with the £2 necklace you bought at an African market as they do with your heirlooms

• Not strictly repairs, but Sophie & Co will turn your old clothes into beautiful new clothes for your children… she’s a modern day alchemist

• And both Twisted Vintage Jewellery and Readorn London upcycle old jewellery into new pieces