I find people endlessly interesting. I particularly love their stories…. everyone has got something valuable to say if only we listen (totally guilty of being a bit of a shit listener; I’m working on it!). So hopefully you enjoy meeting the sellers behind Manifesto Woman as much as I do.

Second in our ‘Meet the Sellers’ series is Clare Jay – hiding here in her jumper. She was one of the very first people outside of my family and friends to believe in my brand. If you’ve ever started your own business, you’ll know how exciting your first ‘real’ customers are!

She sent me a big parcel of incredible clothes (above) which sold in a flash and has continued to be a wonderful source since.

Of course she would have style… she ran her own clothes boutique for years. She’s now an Instagram mentor + strategist and is amazingly generous with her knowledge…. if you feel like you could use a few genuinely insightful IG tips, Clare’s your woman.

Takes a damn good photo too.

You can follow her on Instagram here.