Manifesto Woman’s Top 9

Sally Emslie, founder of Manifesto Woman, chooses her top 9 pieces from the site

Taste & style: such personal choices and endlessly fascinating to me. This is the first of a series where I ask women with all sorts of individual style to choose their top 9 items on the Manifesto site. First up is… me :-), Sally, the founder of Manifesto Woman.

I think I’d describe my predominant style as veering towards edgy classics, but it’s always so hard to define yourself! Definitely a print and metallics fan and I love anything with muddy, burnt colours.

I tend to mix high with low… so a cocktail dress over leather skinnies, paired with trainers and a big earring type thing. I don’t do casual… I own one pair of jeans, zero tracksuits, ditto pyjamas and slippers.

My worst clothing situation is feeling ‘comfy’ or ‘cosy’. And I dress up even if I’m staying at home on my own for the day. Can’t help myself!

My top picks from Manifesto Woman are below, all on site now