MW Discovers #2

Lydia, founder of What Lydia Made, makes the most astonishingly beautiful underwear. Even better, she is passionate about size and gender inclusivity. Her bras and knickers are very clearly designed by a woman, for women: comfort is as important as design. I have wanted pretty much everything she has made. Best of all, she is currently in the process of switching to more sustainable fabrics. Love her. You can find her website here. And you can follow her on Instagram here.

If you love flowers, then you are missing a trick if you don’t follow floral designer Doan_ly on Instagram. Her arrangements are artworks. And if you have a spare few moments, her brilliant event set-up videos (in her Instagram stories) are priceless.

Mara Vera use sustainable practices to weave and hand print their scarves. After watching their block printing videos, I think I’ve missed my calling – so beautiful, so hypnotic. The end results speak for themselves. You can find them here. And on Instagram here.

Can’t get this incredible gold egg sauna out of my mind. How blissful. Yet another reason to travel to Sweden.

And some good news: people are more likely to buy fruit and vegetables that aren’t wrapped in plastic. Since New Zealand supermarket chain New World stopped wrapping fruit and veggies in plastic as part of its ‘food in the nude’ campaign, sales of some vegetables have increased by 300%. So remind me, why are we using plastic wrappings on fruit and veg?

Read the full article here

Summer is fast approaching, which always has me dreaming of camping… but I am no Bear Grylls. Sunshine is a must, which means that camping in the UK loses its lustre. I was therefore quite taken with the idea of camping in Europe, spurred on by this Guardian article with recommendations of the best 20 camping sites in Europe.

And, finally, this song, on repeat. I am such a HAIM fan.