The Manifesto Woman story

As is the case with many start ups, I set up Manifesto Woman as a result of not being able to find what I needed. I was becoming increasingly uneasy with how I shopped for clothes… I was spending a fortune, for a start, but it also all seemed so wasteful. How could I continue to justify buying everything new when all around us there are obvious signs of planet devastation? But when I tried to find a convenient alternative solution for the type of clothes I like, I came away empty handed.

The problem, I realised, was that while there are lots of amazing vintage shops, few have online offers. And while there are marketplaces catering towards the very high end as well as the low, jumble sale end, none feel like they’re speaking to me. Like the majority of women, my wardrobe is a mash-up of designer, boutique label, a bit of vintage and high street. I wanted to be able to shop it all, in one place, online and in what felt like a boutique environment.

Enter Manifesto Woman. I like to think it offers the option of stylish sustainability in one convenient, online, easy to use, beautifully designed package.

Manifesto Woman’s brand ethos centres around stylish sustainability… we aim to prove that you can love shopping, love fashion and love looking amazing without having to shop the high street or spend a fortune.

Manifesto Woman is for people who care about the planet and love looking good. It doesn’t have to be a mutually exclusive choice.

You can shop the full Manifesto Woman range here.

Find our Kids edit here and Man here.

Here is our brand story as told to Kelly Ekardt – a crash hot designer, a champion of stylish sustainability and all round bloody good egg.