Shanna Jones Photography

Luxe wedding photographer: Shanna Jones

Every now and again you meet somebody so bloody good at what they do, you feel compelled to recommend them to everyone you meet. So here I am, recommending Shanna Jones. If you are getting married or hosting a major event and you want a crash hot photographer, stop the search… you have found who you are looking for.

Her photography is next level. I think the photos speak for themselves – see below and more on her website here. But perhaps even more importantly, when her lens is pointed at you she makes you feel supremely confident; in control and on top of your game. Shanna puts you at ease from the word go. The candid, relaxed images she captures bear testimony to her warmth and down to earth style. She gets under the skin of an event, allowing people’s personalities to shine.

How do I know for sure? She was the photographer at my wedding. I loved her so much she is now one of my best mates.

And if you don’t want the traditional wedding photo vibe? No problem. She often shoots weddings where the bridal couple request nothing formal, no posed shots. The end result is a collection of photos of all the gorgeous people in your life having the time of their lives.

She is based in Cape Town, South Africa but spends summers in Europe. You can find more details on her wedding packages here.

A few of my favourites are below but honestly, I could have picked any one of thousands. They are all incredible.


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