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Fable & Moon

I think it’s a universal truth that planning a wedding isn’t easy (or cheap!). And in amongst the decisions about dresses and flowers and food and music, there is also the conundrum of what to do with the children who are attending. If you’ve spent ££££ on getting the venue looking perfect, you don’t want to ruin it with a tacky children’s corner. Enter Fable & Moon, who put on entertainment as stylish as your wedding. No more primary colour plastic ruining the vibe!

As is the case with many businesses, Fable & Moon was born when Sophie – the founder – couldn’t find what she was looking for: companies offering stylish children’s entertainment with high quality content. Since Sophie has always loved styling and design + is a trained actor, singer and dancer with an impressive resume of theatre, film & television work, starting an events company seemed like a no-brainer.

Her event styling is seriously pretty – understated and ethereal… delighting both children and event hosts. What warms my heart even more is the focus on sustainability: her beautiful set pieces are used again and again, as are her props. Children’s entertainment focuses on natural materials and durability rather than cheap plastic that barely makes it through the day before breaking.

Fable & Moon offers entertainment, hire and styling – they do children’s parties, big events, festivals and weddings. If you are, or you know anybody who is, planning a big event or wedding that requires children’s entertainment, point them in the direction of Fable & Moon. They do not disappoint.

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I love chatting to start-up founders about their inspiration, journey, trials and success stories. Always inspirational. I asked Sophie to provide a few words of wisdom:

  • One of the first pivotal moments, when I realised I could really do this, was Fable & Moon’s first Pop-Up event in Chelmsford. It started as a tiny idea that I decided to just run with. Seeing it all come together and have actual real-life people there ( that weren’t friends or family!) really enjoying it was pretty amazing!
  • I have met some incredibly supportive and wonderful people through starting Fable & Moon. I would say that, for me, has been just as important as getting bookings
  • My advice for people contemplating starting a company? Just go for it. Have a clear vision of what you are aiming for and do it
  • Find some like-minded people who you can chat to and ask for advice – a good support network is key
  • The main obstacle for me has been battling my own mind. I overthink things a little too much sometimes and have spent many sleepless nights mulling over the tiniest detail or worrying about what other people are thinking. I am getting better at this though!
  • I think it’s important to realise that you almost certainly can’t do it all, all the time. Sometimes other things come first and that’s okay. When Sylvie, my daughter, is not at preschool and at home with me, I try to switch off from work and make sure we do things together so that I don’t get mum guilt when she isn’t with me. That said, I actually don’t mind that she sees me working sometimes – I hope I’m inspiring her to be a biz babe one day too!