Vintage circus photoshoot

Manifesto Kids: stylish, preloved clothes

One of the primary misconceptions about secondhand kids’ clothes is that they’re a bit grubby, ‘cheap & nasty’ and deeply unstylish. One of the principal aims when launching Manifesto Kids was to dispel this myth. I want people to know that clothes can be eco-friendly and uber-beautiful.

Part of the problem is that preloved clothes are often only encountered in big jumbles – passed along in bin bags, haphazard piles in charity shop bargain bins, or photographed creased and in need of a wash for eBay. We understand: clothes just don’t seem desirable in these sorts of environments.

Our first photo shoot focused on showcasing just how fabulous secondhand kids clothes can be. I think we nailed it. Beautiful clothes, not a new item in sight.

If you’d like to see for yourself, you can shop the collection here.

Preloved kids clothes at manifesto Kids: vintage circus photoshoot