The Manifesto Woman Series

Introducing our Manifesto Woman series where we aim to celebrate women we love, as they are.

I’ve been thinking a lot about aspiration and while I hope I never stop growing and learning, I think focusing too much on some fictional perfect future self can make us feel not to so great about who we are now. So this is a celebration of everything we are, now.




Our first Manifesto Woman is Anna Cochran (you can find her on Instagram at @heysistermoon) who I met at the time of launching Manifesto Kids. Anna is warm, loving, kind, loyal and a tireless supporter & champion of women. She is passionate about conscious consumption & sustainability, and a big advocate of brands that reflect her principles. She’s juggling working with being a mum and has big dreams for a project she’s working on. I do love a dreamer who does. Anna – you’re our kind of woman ❤️.


Do you know any inspirational women? We’d love to hear about them.