Clothes worth £40 billion sitting unworn in our wardrobes

The statistics on clothing waste in the UK are astounding:

  • UK households binned more than 300,000 tonnes of clothing in 2016 (read more here)
  • We send an estimated 235,000 items of clothing to landfill each season (read more here)
  • And unused clothing sitting in our wardrobes has an astounding estimated value of close to £40 billion (read more here)

Make no mistake, the vast majority of us are part of the problem.

There is, however, increasing evidence of growing consumer consciousness, with sustainable choices no longer being the preserve of the few. This is echoed by the latest report from WGSN Insider, who write:

Sustainability is no longer a niche concern – high-profile high-street retailers such as H&M and Zara have expanded sustainable collections, Selfridges has incorporated a ‘buying better’ online segment, while Gucci and Michael Kors have banned the use of fur – which is no doubt a reaction to changing customer perceptions – as shoppers think deeper about the impact of fashion consumption on the environment around us. Consumers have become ever more vocal about their concerns regarding sustainable issues, making it imperative for retailers to offer visibility over their material procurement and apparel production practices. In addition, as shoppers think deeply about value for money, sustainability will increasingly emerge as a core concern.

A long way to go, although certainly something to celebrate.

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