Manifesto: who we are

We’re a sustainable lifestyle store comprised of two sites in one: a kid’s edit and a women’s edit

Our focus is premium & boutique label clothes, shoes and accessories, vintage items and best of the high street… all showcased in an easy to use, beautifully designed site. Essentially how we all like to shop.


  • They don’t feel like they’re having to wade through a bad classified section or jumble sale
  • In fact, it feels like they’re shopping in a boutique…
  • …but for ridiculously bargain prices
  • They don’t need to be an IT expert to figure out how to use the site – it’s all super easy and quick
  • Manifesto feels like a warm, friendly community – the 100% positive feedback that every buyer and seller has received speaks volumes
  • They feel loved by us – we genuinely care and don’t leave people in the lurch if anything goes wrong… say, if a parcel goes missing
  • They are able to get in touch with us directly where they get to speak to an actual person – we help solve problems from start to finish
  • And, no biggie, we enable people to save the planet by being a conscious consumer and shopping sustainably