Hi, I’m the founder

I love to know about the people who started the brands that I am interested in. So I thought I’d write a bit about me. Although, rather than a traditional bio focusing on a potted history of my career (yawn), I thought I’d do it a little differently. I think the things that people love provide the best insight into who they are as a person, who they aspire to be… what their best selves look like. My husband says it doesn’t give a clear enough indication of how subversive I am but, you know, let’s start with the rose-tinted version and work from there :-).

So then, in no particular order, here’s my list:

  • inspirational women
  • feminine power
  • style
  • sustainability
  • travel without an agenda
  • tipping out of a cab at 5am
  • yoga
  • liberalism
  • good food
  • great coffee
  • a long cocktail menu
  • time with friends… as in, actual time, rather than rushed meetings squeezed into busy schedules
  • brunches that last so long they stretch into evening drinks
  • desert landscapes
  • trashy magazines in a nail bar
  • pink fizz
  • the light in Africa
  • British humour
  • American optimism
  • Japanese order in chaos
  • headphones with music at full volume
  • equality
  • feeling strong and fit and powerful
  • tattoos
  • learning something new



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